What is Eco therapy

Eco therapy is an intervention that improves mental and physical health and wellbeing by supporting people to be active outdoors: doing gardening, food growing or environmental conservation work.

Eco therapy is more than going for a walk in the park or mowing the lawn in the garden.

It is a regular activity that is: facilitated and structured focuses on doing an activity that takes place in a green environment , where exploring & appreciating the nature  involves contact with other people.

Research has shown that the benefits of ecotherapy can be.


What ecotherapy does…

Taking part in ecotherapy YOU….

Increases levels of physical activity
• Gets people moving in an enjoyable way
• Raises awareness about the benefits of being active
• Improves physical & mental health


• get out in the open air regularly & become more active
• can take part regardless of their fitness level
• manage your weight better
• increase your flexibility & stamina
• manage physical conditions better
• feel better as endorphins ‘feel good’ hormones are release

Increases wellbeing
• Achieves the Five Ways to Wellbeing
• Improves mood
• Increases self-confidence & motivation

• make friends & value social contact
• do an enjoyable & worthwhile activity
• its said "feel better’ & more relaxed"
• are more positive about their life
• learn a new skill or develop an interest
• feel valued – what you do makes a difference

Improves mental health
• Builds resilience
• Improves everyday functioning

get time out from stresses & problems
• feel less depressed or anxious
• sleep better
• can talk about problems if you want to
• get support from others with similar experiences
• manage their mental health problems better
• use other treatments as well

Increases social inclusion
• Reduces social isolation
• Develops social skills
• Reduces stigma

make friends & value social contact
• feel accepted & ‘normal’
• get involved in the community
• have a routine & a regular place to go
• get support from others with similar experiences
• realise mental health problems can happen to everyone

Adds social value
• Builds social capital
• Supports return to work & education

Do something useful in Your community
• get interested in what is happening in your community
• gradually build up skills
• see the impact of your actions & that change is possible
• begin to be more hopeful about the future
• gain qualifications & work experience
• get a job, education or training - for some

Connects with nature
• Harnesses the benefits of being outside
in green environment
• Improves local environment
• Increases positive environmental

• enjoy being outside experiencing nature & green spaces
• feel calmer & more peaceful
• get interested in growth & change
• meet others interested in nature & widen social contacts
• feel part of the world - a spiritual dimension for some
• do something to look after the environment