An annual membership ensures handmade, natural and full of goodness soap and candles will be delivered to your door all year round

Eco-sustainable permaculture farm providing
Handcrafted Vegan Skincare and Natural Soya candles

We care what you put on your skin. all our products are free from alcohol, sodium lauryl sulphate, detergents, sorbates, parabens, sulphates, sillicones. 


Sol Laug Havens is an ecosustainable permaculture farm, and an education and rejuvenation centre in Nothamptonshire that creates handcrafted Vegan skin care products made from natural ingredients.

We have a vision for sustainable community and we exit to educate and create an enviroment where all people, from any background, can learn, heal, nourish and rejuvenate, whilst respecting and re-connecting with MOTHER EARTH .

ecotheraphy - working on a ecosustainable permaculture farm has built up my confidence



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