All ours soaps are free from:


We care what YOU

Put on YOUR skin

All ours soaps are free from:
Detergents * SLS * Alcohol * Parabens * Sorbates *Sulphates * Silicones

When we call our soap ‘natural’, what we mean is that all the ingredients we use to make it are natural.

What is our definition of natural? Well a commonsense one. If it comes from or is a plant, vegetable, mineral then its natural. We don't use any animal products in our soaps. 


Do we use lye to make our soaps?

Yes we do, otherwise the olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter in our soaps  wouldn’t clean you. 

BUT HERE’S THE IMPORTANT PART – There is no lye in our soap bars.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we list our ingredients in what looks like weird Latin.

(I know, we don’t think it looks very friendly either, that’s why we also offer a plain english version on our website ).

Why do we do this and what has this got to do with lye?

No lye in our formal ingredient listing = no lye in our soap bars

By law we have to list all the ingredients our soap contains in INCI format (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients), so that they can be understood the world over.

If there were lye in our soap and we didn’t list it in our ingredients, then we would be breaking the law.

So no lye in our ingredient listing means no lye in our soaps.

‘Lye’, or an alkali, IS used to saponify our oils (make them into soap), but none remains in our final bars.

This is because our formulas are very carefully calculated to ensure this. 


And the glycerin? 

The soap making process naturally produces lovely moisturising glycerin. We leave this exactly where it belongs – in your soap bars to nourish your skin. This is one of the reasons our soaps feel so great to use.

Not tested pn aniamls, 100% natural , Vegan ok , Handmade